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Payroll for Web Browser

Quantum Web is the latest product being launched in Q3 2023, developed by Snow Technology.

Quantum Web is a browser accessible program available for those on Quantum Enterprise, which will redefine the payroll User’s Experience by enabling users to process their payroll anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Quantum Web will have 100% replication of functionality from the desktop version, meaning the payroll process can be completed from beginning to end in the browser alone. On the web, not only can you process your payroll, but also design your home dashboard for an enhanced experience, where you can view what’s important to your company, such as viewing budget used this payroll period, hours already allocated and period to period trends.

With enhanced navigating options users can design a quick view for employees and decide what employee fields they want to view at a glance, such as dept/cost code/payment type or employee status.

Users will have a better overview of multiple payrolls and can filter down to find all weekly payrolls for example, or search for a company, or find an employee through all payrolls and a quick view will enable you to check employee information without having to open the employee record. Users can add an employee into payroll also. The screens in Quantum Web are more intuitive, user friendly and in line with Snows user-first approach.

Quantum web is responsive to all screen sizes for smart phone, tablet, desktop and laptop, enabling it to work with any device using a web browser.

How can Quantum Web help your organisation:


Quantum Web can be accessed from any device, anywhere with an internet connection, making it more accessible than a desktop application.

Cross-platform compatibility

Because web apps are platform-agnostic, they can be used on different operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, without the need for separate versions. 

Integration with other web-based services

Quantum Web can be easily integrated with other web-based services and APIs, allowing for more functionality and customizability.


Web apps can be more secure than desktop apps since they are hosted in the cloud and are subject to stricter security protocols, SSL encryption, and access controls.

Improved access controls

Quantum Web can be accessed from anywhere, but access can be restricted based on user credentials, IP address, or other criteria, which improves access control and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Increased data encryption

Quantum Web can use SSL/TLS encryption to secure data in transit, which reduces the risk of data interception or theft.

Greater flexibility

Quantum Web can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it a great option for remote working.

More responsive user interface

Quantum Web can provide a more responsive and dynamic user interface thanks to the use of client-side scripting languages like JavaScript and HTML5. Users will have enhanced navigating options in Quantum Web where they can design a quick view for employees and decide what employee fields they want to view at a glance, such as dept/cost code/payment type or employee status.

Better performance

Thanks to advances in web development technologies and browser capabilities, Quantum Web can now match or exceed the performance of the desktop application. 

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