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UKG Pro Workforce Management is a world-renowned Time & Attendance System now available in Ireland through Snow Technology

Employees constitute a pivotal asset in any business, yet they also represent a valuable, albeit costly, resource that requires effective management, akin to other facets. Monitoring employees’ time and attendance holds paramount significance in enhancing productivity, especially in identifying discernible behavioral trends among the workforce.

Reliance on manual procedures reliant on paper-based administrative processes escalates the risk of errors. These errors can carry a substantial cost, including underutilised personnel or lost working hours. Precisely tracking each employee’s time stands as a prime utilization of your human resources team. As businesses expand, the intricacy of managing time and attendance intensifies.

UKG Pro Time & Attendance software automates all the processes surrounding this part of business management.

Adopting a cloud-based approach considerably reduces the necessary management time and the likelihood of errors. Employ it to enhance the management of various tasks, ranging from roster planning to labor allocation within shifts.

This solution proves valuable for overseeing employee work hours, scheduling vacations, and a multitude of other functions. Additionally, bolstered by its robust reporting tools, this software aids in business planning and acts as a safeguard against potential overpayments.

Key benefits of Time & Attendance software:

Spend less time on admin

Eliminate manual administration and collating paper-based timesheets. With digital records the process is quicker, more accurate and can be repeated automatically at any time.

Regulatory compliance

Make sure your staff’s records are compliant for tax, shift constraints and minimum service levels with staffing. Businesses need to become more agile with compliance.

Reduce costs

With a manual systems, human error can occur. Firms using a software system can see a dramatic error rate reduction which, in turn, reduces the costs of managing such errors.

Prevent fraud, reduce errors

Removing manual processes for time and attendance will help to lessen the chances your business is subject to abuse, fraud or even honest errors.

Data Security

Data security

Sensitive information is held within our secure data centres with full encryption and cybersecurity measures for your peace of mind.

Accurate reporting

Customisable reports offering insights into employee trends. Improve decision making, providing accurate data using real time reporting.

Avoiding Unnecessary Over payments

When employees understand that they are being recorded accurately, attendance will tend to improve overall. Avoid paying people for extended breaks, lunchtimes taken as overtime and even for days off work not being recorded.

Streamline time and attendance

Any enterprise, large or small, can fully manage its time and attendance needs accurately with our software solution. Keep time & attendance management streamlined with a powerful business solution that will meet all your needs. Improve business analysis.

Hardware for time and attendance

Make use of our software which will integrate with biometric technology that can work with numerous devices. We offer options that include PCs and mobile devices that will handle facial recognition, magnetic card swipes and other approaches to biometrics.


Time and Attendance Software is a computer program specifically designed to assist organisations in effectively managing and monitoring their employees' working hours, attendance, breaks, leaves, and other time-related data. This advanced solution replaces conventional manual methods like paper timesheets or punch cards with automated and digital alternatives.
A Time and Attendance System is a software solution specially created to efficiently manage and monitor employees' working hours and attendance within an organization. With a diverse set of functionalities, it streamlines time-related processes and optimizes workforce management.
Time and Attendance software is chosen by various types of organizations across different industries. It is typically selected by: Small, Medium, and Large Businesses, Human Resources Departments, Managers and Supervisors, Healthcare Institutions, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing and Retail Industries, Service-based Companies, Government and Public Sector or any Organisation with Compliance Needs. Time and Attendance software is a versatile solution adopted by organizations from various industries and departments to improve time management, enhance workforce efficiency, and maintain accurate records of employee attendance and working hours.
You should consider purchasing Time and Attendance software if the following are important to your business: Manual and Time-Consuming Attendance Management-Difficulty in-Managing Leave and Overtime-Compliance and Regulatory Concerns-Lack of Visibility into Employee Attendance-Growing Workforce and Complexity-Inefficiency in Payroll Processing-Need for Self-Service Capabilities-Cost Management-Mobile and Remote Workforce The decision to purchase Time and Attendance software depends on your organisation's specific needs and challenges. If you observe any of the above signs, it may be the right time to invest in an efficient and automated Time and Attendance solution such as UKG Dimensions..

Time & Attendance Software

Switching from paper to automated time and attendance software simplifies the time-tracking process and streamlines employee management

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Time & Attendance Hardware

Our state-of-the-art hardware options for time tracking and data capture are fully integratable with numerous software systems

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