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Fully Managed Hosted Solution to Host Important and Sensitive Personal Information

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Quantum Cloud provides a safe, secure and fully managed hosted environment for your payroll solutions.

All client data is stored in Ireland and managed in accordance with GDPR. Quantum Cloud takes the responsibility from you regarding the day to day management and upkeep of a server, keeping costs at a minimum. The Quantum Cloud team at Snow Technology ensures that your data is alwasy safe and secure.

The Managed Hosted Service we offer saves your IT Department time. Quantum Software analysts and engineers will manage setup, maintenance and any repair of the system. Upgrades, or updates are also carried out by the Quantum team, which means your IT team is free of additional meetings, training, and workload.

How Quantum Cloud can help your organisation:


Quantum Cloud managed service security includes back & restore points and network monitoring. The provision of SSL and dedicated Firewalls, AntiVirus and Malware detection, access and user permissions functions are also included within the Quantum Cloud Solution.

Automated backups

Snow Technology is responsible for your Quantum Payroll system backups. Your data is backed up daily and stored securely to an ISO 27001 certified data center in Ireland.

Save time

Quantum Cloud enables you to reduce the time spent on maintenance, tracking and updates, freeing up administration time so that it can be spent on more important tasks crucial to your business.


Snow Technology’s support desk will support your managed server as part of your overall solution. Supporting your Quantum Payroll includes speed and system performance optimisation.


Quantum Cloud by Snow Technology helps you remain GDPR compliant. All customer data is stored in Ireland in line with the GDPR requirement to have data stored in the EEA.

Data accessibility

By giving your employees access to Quantum Cloud by Snow Technology, they can access payroll from many devices including Smartphone, Laptop and PC etc. This will help increase productivity and efficiency by providing remote access.

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Quantum Cloud is a Payroll Management System that can be accessed over a remote system. Users can operate and control all functionality of payroll 'in the cloud' using a device connected to a network or the internet.
Using Quantum Cloud Payroll, operators can process payroll quickly and pay employees on time and accurately from a safe and secure hosted environment. Cloud payroll can be accessed anytime from any connected device.
Cloud based payroll offers the security of a managed hosted environment with the added safety of Auto Back ups that are stored at an ISO 27001 certified data center in Ireland. Payroll operators can access data from any connected device remotely.
When deciding on implementing a Cloud Based Payroll system it is important to consider a system that is secure, easily accessible and GDPR compliant. Snow Technology offer full implementation of their Quantum Payroll solution which is fully managed and supported by our cloud team.
There are many reasons to switch to Quantum Cloud Payroll including more accurate reporting, real time data, security and employee access from any connected device anywhere. Another factor in switching to Cloud based payroll is a reduction in IT costs for your business.


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