Payroll For Retail

Integration and connection with other software and systems is fundamental within Quantum Payroll, allowing users maximum flexibility and seamless transition across their organisation.

Meeting the needs of Irish Retailers

Our payroll software and managed payroll service is ideal to meet the individual needs of Irish retailers which often have a higher number of employees than other organisations with comparable levels of turnover.

Payroll Features

Flexibile Pay Frequencies

Retail oftentimes has different payment schedules for staff. Traditionally, staff working on the shop floor are paid weekly with Managers and Executives receiving salaried pay. Our payroll system provides the versatility required for payroll frequency such as paying temporary workers weekly or fortnightly. Four-weekly, monthly and even quarterly pay schedules can be chosen interchangeably.

Data Conversions 

Using our managed payroll service or payroll software enables data conversion for those running payroll in other software solutions. The migration function allows conversion of historical transactions alleviating any concerns of losing historical data.

Cost Control

Cost control coding and job cost analysis is built into our software and the way managed payroll works. This enables any retailers using our payroll products and services to measure workforce costs on a store-by-store basis. Keeping track of Human Resources costs according to different roles is possible as employees can be accounted for within various cost coding.

Payslip Accessibility

One aspect that can cause a strain on resources is producing payslips and other documents associated with an employee. With our managed payroll solution and software, employees can access a digital version of their historic payslips on demand by logging into the employee portal.


In order for Irish retailers to remain competitive, managers need to access relevant data when needed especially around their payroll functionality and in accessible ways. At Snow Technology we enable this by providing many reporting options that integrate seamlessly with other systems.


Our payroll software and managed payroll solution offer a secure environment for all your important and confidential data regarding payroll. We also offer a secure hosted environment to all Quantum Enterprise customers. Only authorised personnel siuch as an accountant or finance director can view confidential information. General employees can only view data that relates directly to them.

Timesheet Management

Using timesheets to record staff hours, shift patterns and overtime is essential for retailers. Quantum payroll offers a vast array of functionality with timesheet management which is essential for both normal and seasonal work. Time and attendance systems integrate with quantum payroll enabling accurate payment processing.

Tax Deductions

All tax and related deductions needed to pay employees will be handled within the quantum payroll software or by our manged payroll bureau team. This includes PAYE taxation and PRSI Contributions. All relevant deductions will be displayed on employees’ payslips.

Data Transfer

Transferring data from your legacy or finance system can be easily and seamlessly done by a member of the Snow Technology integration team. This is ideal for retailers who will not have the time or resources to input all workforce data.

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