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Switching to time and attendance software simplifies the time-tracking process and streamlines employee management. Tracking your employees’ time leads to a productive and more efficient workplace.

As technology revolutionises business, an effective employee tracking system is essential.

Time and attendance monitoring systems based on spreadsheets or paper time cards are inefficient. Traditional manual or semi-automated processes relied on memory recall of the week’s attendance. Not to mention buddy punching, common in many offices, leading to hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds in losses annually.

Switching to automated time and attendance software simplifies the time-tracking process and streamlines employee management. Tracking your employees’ time leads to a productive and efficient workplace.

What Is Time and Attendance Software?

A time and attendance software automates time tracking for a company. For instance, a business can manage time and attendance data using software. The software records the work hours using various methods of clocking in and out. For instance, you can clock in or out using your phone, website or biometric systems. Once you punch in your clock-in and clock-out time, the software calculates work hours, overtime and holidays.

Benefits of Time & Attendance software

Our time and attendance software provides useful features for businesses to track employee work hours and improve efficiency.

Auto-populated timesheets

You can save time spent preparing timesheets since the software is used to auto-populate timesheets with data. It minimises the data entry tasks and chances of errors in keeping track of shifts and overt-time work.

Keeps employees informed

Time and attendance software provides a self-service platform for employees to access relevant data. Workers can gain insight into the time spent on a project and find ways to eliminate inefficiencies.

Reduce errors

Transferring data from manual timesheets and calculating salaries manually often leads to mistakes due to human error. Mistakes also occur when you rely on memory to determine employees’ work hours. Time and attendance software integrates with payroll management systems.

Features of Time & Attendance software

When you revolutionise how you track time and attendance using software solutions, you enjoy the following benefits:

Time & Attendance management

Our time and attendance software keeps accurate time logs for clocking in and out. Hence, it keeps track of the labour costs, accrued time off, leave eligibility and duration of sick days. You can also use it for automated shift creation and scheduling based on business demand and availability.


The software is cloud-based, making it accessible from any device. Employees can punch in and out from the web or phone during fieldwork providing a self-service platform for workers.

Automated reports

Users can generate real-time reports and analytics and receive notifications. For instance, you create reports for hours worked monthly and the expected wages for every employee in the company

Virtually log time on projects

You can use time and attendance software to keep track of time spent on a project. Employees can manually record the duration of each project in the field if the projects have variable pay.

Time & Attendance Hardware

Our state-of-the-art hardware options for time tracking and data capture are fully integratable with numerous software systems

Maintain your time capture data is both accurate and easy to use

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A time and attendance system gives the employer the ability to monitor and record employees working time patterns such as actual working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks, absenteeism and annual leave.
Designed specifically for employee management regardless of company size or complexity, UKG Dimensions delivers a powerful workforce management system on an intuitive cloud platform. UKG Dimensions is configured to meet your industry-specific requirements. UKG Dimensions helps your organisation streamline scheduling, time, attendance and more.
It’s the ideal choice for any company that needs to monitor and track employee hours, absences to improve payroll accuracy and reduce costly overtime. Organisations use Time and Attendance Software to to gather data and to easily manage the workforce and make informed business decisions.
Time and Attendance Software is a critical business application that can be purchased any time of year. UKG Dimensions is a modular based Workforce tool and can be added to as your business requirements evolve.

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