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About Us

We are Snow and we use technology to help businesses of all sizes to do things faster, cut costs and increase productivity since 2001.

Established in 2001, Snow Technology Limited is a pioneer and leader in the development and provision of payroll software in Ireland.

Having previously created Micropay, Macropay and Quickpay through Computer Resources in the 1990s, our founders took their experience, expertise, product and market knowledge to the next level through the creation of a new best in breed payroll which we called Quantum Payroll.

Today the Quantum Payroll Suite includes Quantum Enterprise, Quantum Bureau and Quantum Cloud. Over the past two decades we have earned accolades from organisations of all industries and sizes and are considered the foremost solution provider in the SME to Enterprise market space.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our customers with highly sophisticated and comprehensive payroll solutions through an easy to use and easily accessible management and reporting tool. We make what was previously only available through tired and delayed expensive auditing and management reporting software easily accessible in real time to effect decisions and profits.

Our proudest achievement as a company is the trust which our customers place in us and this goes to the very heart of our Quantum Payroll software brand. More than anything else we pride ourselves on it. Our agile approach and professionalism in delivering a robust and reliable payroll system where our first priority is always our customer is our number one objective.

As the developers of the Quantum Payroll Suite, we have the agility to be able to respond to customer needs, keep our payroll solutions up to date with the latest advances in technology and legislation and to communicate more effectively, listen more attentively and support & deliver more efficiently for customers.

Our Clients

+1500 organisations nationwide


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