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HR Onboarding

Experience a seamless and efficient onboarding journey with our advanced platform designed to streamline the entire process from start to finish.

HR Onboarding

Our innovative solution empowers administrators and employees alike, ensuring a smooth transition for every new hire. From electronic signature integration to customisable email templates and intelligent notifications, our platform revolutionises the way organisations onboard their talent, saving time, reducing paperwork, and enhancing employee engagement.

How it Works

Our cutting-edge Onboarding platform transforms the onboarding experience with features such as electronic signatures, customisable email templates, and intelligent notifications. These tools empower HR managers to boost efficiency, ensure accuracy, and foster employee engagement throughout the entire HR process.

Capture Signatures

Capture signatures directly on documents, whether they are company-wide policies or individual contracts, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Manually trigger invitations for individual employees or set up automatic triggers based on predefined criteria, simplifying the initiation process.

Email Templates

Personalise email templates for invitations, tailoring messages to specific scenarios or employee groups for enhanced communication.

Onboarding Journeys

Access a comprehensive overview of all active onboarding journeys and their current stages, allowing for efficient monitoring and management.


Set time-based warnings for delays in onboarding steps and configure notifications for successful step completions, promoting proactive management and acknowledgment of achievements.

User-Friendly Forms

Simplify the collection of necessary information through user-friendly forms, ensuring accuracy and completeness while reducing administrative burden.

Empower Everyone

HR onboarding empowers managers and employees by streamlining processes with electronic signatures, customisable emails, and smart notifications. This saves time, boosts efficiency, and ensures tasks are completed promptly. A well-organised onboarding for new employees fosters a positive first impression, enhances engagement, and facilitates quick integration into company culture. Effective onboarding improves accuracy, efficiency, and employee engagement, creating a cohesive and motivated workforce.

Key Benefits & Features of Onboarding

  • Enhance operational efficiency within HR and payroll processes by synchronising data flow between systems.
  • Minimise manual efforts associated with onboarding employees onto the payroll system.
  • Ensure that all relevant employee details are consistently updated across platforms, reducing the risk of discrepancies.
  • Tailor integration to organisational needs by customising linked fields and data exchange preferences.
  • Empower organisations to maintain control over the integration process, deciding which data to sync and when.
  • Validate payroll-related fields to ensure data accuracy and integrity, mitigating potential errors.
  • Achieve a synchronised and cohesive flow of information, optimising overall operational efficiency.

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