Q Business Intelligence

Analyse. Report. Performance. Providing real-time intelligence for decision-makers.

Quantum Business Intelligence Software

Q Business Intelligence helps you make decisions driven by data. Eliminate inefficiencies and drive change based on data predictions.

Q Business Intelligence (Q BI) is a reporting and business intelligence platform that connects directly to relational and non-relational data sources. Its dynamic
reporting function enables users to access information in real-time.

Q BI enables users and managers to improve decision making and make real-time decisions allowing costs saving and identifying issues that need immediate attention.

Q BI eases the transition to modern self-service reporting and analytics through smart integration, without extensive customisation.

How can Q BI help your organisation:


Its easy to generate a vast array of reports from Q BI to help with decision-making in your business. Q BI reporting can streamline large amounts of data into more manageable data summary’s using statistical analysis, making it easy to identify trends and understand data.


Quantum’s BI platform uses data modelling to provide tailored analytics from seasonal to trend analysis. Payroll data can be analysed, identifying trends and making informed business decisions based on data. Each user of Q BI can receive their own tailored information. 

Real-time monitoring

Q BI software can use real-time data analysis of payroll status to enable you make informed decisions. Q BI helps you measure KPIs in real-time.


Q BI enables collaboration between stakeholders across your organisation. Managers can share information with others inside and outside of the company, promoting transparency and decision-making.

Mobile business intelligence

Data provided by Q BI can be shared or analysed from any connected and authorised device. Decision can be made on the go as users can access interactive dashboards and reports.

Data visualisation

Q BI software can convert analysed data into visual representations that are easy to follow and interpret. Visual data such as charts, graphs and histograms can be generated. 

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Business intelligence software enables users to analyse data using information gathered from various databases, including Payroll Platforms. This enables users or stakeholders to make real-time decisions.
Quantum Business Intelligence integrates with many systems including Quantum Payroll. This enables users to make more informed business decisions based on real-time data.
Some of the advantages include: • Custom dashboards • Reporting • Data visualisations • Fast data mining function • Performance tracking • Visual analytics • Data security and quality management
Before implementing Business Intelligence with Payroll, it is important to consider a solution that is secure, easily accessible and user friendly. Snow Technology offers full implementation of their Quantum Business Intelligence with the Quantum Payroll solution which is fully supported by our team.


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