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With over 20 years experience in payroll software development and managed payroll solutions, we offer a fully comprehensive and holistic approach from initial enquiry right through to professional payroll support.

Choosing the right Payroll or Software Solution
can save your business valuable time and cost
and at the same time helping you achieve your
business goals. We will help determine your
Payroll needs, implement your Payroll system
and support your solution when you need us.
Snow Technology has you covered.

We are Payroll Professionals


With experience and knowledge of your industry, we will help you manage and use Quantum Payroll in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Consultancy will identify your payroll needs and determine the modules or tools that will streamline your processes. Leading you through the process, we answer your questions and ensure your payroll system fully meets your requirements from the planning stages and throughout the training and support stages.

Project Management

We offer you a comprehensive plan before, during and after software installation, ensuring that the needs of your business are always met. This ensures that nothing gets overlooked and can measure readiness for implementation, monitor performance and the momentum of your project. Snow Technology will always maintain clear communication and continuity, from beginning to end.


Our team project managers, software developers take care of installing your payroll or software, freeing up time for you and your team. We configure and migrate data based on your organisation’s specific requirements. We
will integrate your Quantum Payroll software with Time and Attendance and HR systems.


To ensure your Payroll System remains relevant to you and your business, we offer full end user training. We will assess your current skill level and requirements and develop a training plan that gives you the confidence that you need to manage your Quantum Payroll on a day-to-day basis.


At Snow Technology, our relationship with you doesn’tend after installation and training. It continues to grow as your business grows. We are there to support you on all your Payroll, Bureau and Software queries. Included in your ‘paid support’ service is day-to-day access to our
payroll analysts. In addition to the help desk support, we will make available all software updates and any organisational changes you need to make.


Our hosted service enables support for
employers who are still operating remotely,
including the payroll department. It allows
managers to work from any location and
have access to the same information that
they’d have access to from their office. All
this, while ensuring safe payroll transactions
and data maintenance, preventing data
breach or unauthorised access.

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