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In today’s busy world of commerce, time tracking tools are often a prerequisite to make sure that businesses are both productive and run optimally in terms of their valuable human resources. However, manually operated time collection techniques are frequently old-fashioned, meaning they can be inefficient and error prone. As such, they often result in unnecessary administrative tasks, unwanted overheads and, in some cases, compliance risks.

High-quality time tracking hardware, on the other hand, will update your firm’s time and attendance management processes at a stroke. In short, such systems can eliminate all of the aforementioned problems. Our hardware options offer state-of-the-art technology and are world-class in terms of in time tracking and data capture. Able to integrate fully with numerous time and attendance software systems, our hardware offers the ultimate business solution. With our hardware, you’ll improve your workforce’s efficiency, bear down on labour costs and save time.

UKG Intouch DX

Intuitive to operate, UKG InTouch DX has a welcoming touchscreen which provides managers with real-time notifications thanks to a secure, cloud-based approach data capturing. Workers are able to punch-in and punch-out with ease. What’s more, they can use the device to request time off work, ask for shift swaps and more besides. Make your employees’ time and attendance recording a breeze with UKG InTouch DX.

Commercial benefits of Intouch DX

Tailored user experience: Obtain instant access to

employee-specific records, transactions and other data.

Tough construction: The rugged design of this product offers a secure and reliable system in virtually any industrial setting with a display that’s always on and ready.

Real-time functions: View and resolve critical tasks instantaneously. Address your firm’s priorities on the fly for exceptional operational efficiency.

Future-proofed and ready: Upgrade your system when you need extra functionality, such as an optional biometric authentication system or a battery pack expansion, as your commercial needs change.

Multi-clock scheduling: Help enforce schedules and working patterns from any Kronos InTouch DX wherever it might be installed on your business premises


An easy-to-use time and attendance system, RightPunch can be accessed from any mobile device. Use it to monitor and manage employee time and attendance in real-time, for example, thanks to its integrated UKG technology. Workers simply scan a barcode ID to submit punch data when needed. Alternatively, they can take a photo and make use of their unique facial biometrics to do the same.

Commercial benefits of RightPunch™

Lower costs: Run this system from devices you already

use, whether they’re laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Geo-fencing: The system prevents employees from submitting punches outside of the designated area.

Prevent time fraud: Capture unique biometrics with time and attendance punch data to prevent false claims and potentially non-compliant submissions.

Customised questionnaires: Generate questionnaires to capture additional data instantly during the recording process.

Convenient data capturing: Employees can use any handheld smart device to authenticate themselves with ease.

Time & Attendance Software

UKG Dimensions automates all the processes surrounding Time & Attendance

UKG Dimensions is a cloud-based software that significantly reduces the required management time as well as the potential for errors.

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A time and attendance system gives the employer the ability to monitor and record employees working time patterns such as actual working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks, absenteeism and annual leave.
Designed specifically for employee management regardless of company size or complexity, UKG Dimensions delivers a powerful workforce management system on an intuitive cloud platform. UKG Dimensions is configured to meet your industry-specific requirements. UKG Dimensions helps your organisation streamline scheduling, time, attendance and more.
It’s the ideal choice for any company that needs to monitor and track employee hours, absences to improve payroll accuracy and reduce costly overtime. Organisations use Time and Attendance Software to to gather data and to easily manage the workforce and make informed business decisions.
Time and Attendance Software is a critical business application that can be purchased any time of year. UKG Dimensions is a modular based Workforce tool and can be added to as your business requirements evolve.

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