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Human Resources

Create a comprehensive people strategy that integrates work and personal life

Human Resources

HR serves as the crucial link connecting individuals, management, and leadership within your organisation. It is essential to consolidate the right technology, partnership, and cultural approaches in one place to effectively influence both employees and business objectives.

Why choose UKG for Human Resources?

Embrace HR solutions that prioritise people-centric business strategies, recognising individuals as more than just their work roles.

Forge connections between life and work

Empower your employees and managers with leadership tools that consider the entirety of an individual's journey, catering to their specific needs at every stage. This personalised support fosters a sense of belonging and facilitates high performance.

Adapt and optimise

Streamline your administrative tasks through automation and strategic partnerships, allowing you to focus on critical matters, optimise your time, and continuously improve your processes.

Craft exceptional employee experiences

Nurture a culture where your workforce feels deeply invested in their work and proactively supported. By implementing best practices and leveraging AI-powered guidance when needed, you can ensure that your employees feel valued, heard, and engaged.

Included features

Our comprehensive HR solution offers a unified platform for all employee information. With intuitive drag-and-drop workflows, you can streamline tasks and receive proactive alerts that align with your organisation's activities. Moreover, our best-in-class employee experience is accessible across devices, ensuring convenience for all.

Human Resources

HR solutions automates core HR functions, providing an exceptional employee experience through self-service capabilities. It also offers real-time access to accurate employee information within a single database, minimising compliance risks. Discover how HR software simplifies routine tasks, reduces paperwork, and enhances employee engagement through a single, user-friendly solution.


Smoothly transition from the recruitment to onboarding processes with Onboarding. Eliminate redundant tasks and confusion for new hires, enhancing their overall experience.


Effectively manage benefits administration challenges with Benefits. This streamlined solution simplifies planning, setup, and administration of benefit offerings. It ensures secure and automatic delivery of enrolment and benefits data to carriers for open enrolments and life events. Additionally, it provides a mobile-friendly enrolment experience, empowering employees to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

Charts and Dashboards

Effortlessly stay on top of your people data with Charts and Dashboards. These intuitive visualisations allow HR, payroll, and managers to quickly interpret and act on critical information, reducing time spent organising data.

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