Quantum Payroll App

Quantum Pay App (Q Pay)

Empower employees to manage Absence Requests through Quantum Pay from 2023.

Payroll App Ireland

Snow Technology’s smart app, Quantum Pay (Q Pay) will be available on the App Store and Google Play from January ’23.

There are many benefits to Quantum Pay
for business and employees within the
payroll process. The App enables staff
to raise queries thus helping to simplify
processes and save time for payroll and
HR managers.

Quantum Pay allows employees to
manage current and historic pays slips
on their self-service employee app.
The self-service app can be accessed
anywhere securely from your smart
device. Employees can take control of
their absence management through
Quantum Pay.

How can Q Pay help your organisation:


With Quantum Pay staff can see annual leave,
sick leave, unpaid leave, maternity leave etc within their own
calendar view. Another time saving feature is the ability to view remaining and available leave, reducing time spent on queries with payroll and HR departments.


When payroll is processed, each employee can easily
view their latest payslip within the app. Employees can receive app notifications or email when payslip is ready. 

Payslip Archive

Every employee can view and manage
existing and previous payslips within Quantum Pay. Employees can view or download their payslips from the app. This is an additional time saving feature that will both benefit the employee and employer.


Quantum Pay uses many security measures to help
protect employee data against many types of vulnerabilities
including data injection, fake requests, hacking, cross-site
scripting, and exposure flaws. Using the latest web protection solutions alongside Microsoft Azure, Quantum Pay offers customer peace of mind when it comes to data security.

Annual Leave Requests

Every employee with access to Quantum Pay can request time off though the employee self-service portal. Managers will be notified of any time off requests and can approve th rough the system. Employees will receive notification from managers once requests are approved or declined. Leave entitlements will automatically update on Quantum Pay. All annual leave will be updated within the payroll system.

Integrate with Quantum Enterprise Payroll

Quantum Pay and Quantum Enterprise software is fully integrated saving time on dual and manual data input. Any leave requests will automatically update within Quantum Enterprise giving real time reporting functions to payroll management. 

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