Payroll For Healthcare

Integrating and connecting with other software and systems is fundamental within Quantum Payroll, allowing users maximum flexibility and seamless transition across their organisation.

Meeting the needs of Healthcare

Quantum payroll and our managed payroll solution is a perfect fit for the Healthcare sector. Our developers at Snow Technology have designed payroll solutions with the specific needs healthcare and other sectors in mind.

Payroll Features

Payday Flexibility

Employee hours are usually broken down between full-time, part-time and contracted hours. Paydays can be quite different based on job role. Using our payroll software or managed bureau service, you can choose pay frequency between weekly, fortnightly, monthly and other pay frequencies that meet your requirements.

Cost Control

Cost control analysis is increasingly important in today’s healthcare sector in Ireland especially for organisations that manage numerous hospitals of healthcare facilities with shared human resource centres. Our payroll software and managed payroll solution allows for cost control coding to be used for hourly-paid employees as well as offering a useful two-tier costing function.

Payslips On-Demand

Historical payslips can be accessed by employees saving your Human Resources team time retrieving and reprinting them. Healthcare staff will be able to log in and view their old payslips whenever they need to.

Payslip Flexibility

In some Private healthcare institutions, physical payslips are provided to employees. This is possible with our payroll software and managed payroll solution. Employees can receive electronic payslips also.

Management Reports 

Most Healthcare organisations in the private sector keep a close eye on their ongoing staffing costs. Our payroll software and managed payroll bureau service have been designed to meet the needs of the modern Healthcare environment by facilitating reporting functionality and the ability to export data in multiple ways.


As we all know and especially after the HSE ransomware cyberattack in 2021, data security is of the highest priority in the Healthcare sector. Your payroll data is sensitive and confidential. At Snow Technology, our dedicated team provide robust and innovative protection from inappropriate usage or access to your employees’ private data.

Timesheet Integration

Timesheets form an integral part of any organisation’s payroll function. They are necessary to track employees that operate shift patterns or those that are paid based on hours worked. Most of the healthcare sector in Ireland operates in this way. Whether using our payroll software or managed payroll service, imports from various types of timesheets can be done including Standard and Express.

Tax Deductions

Whether you are using our payroll software or our managed payroll service, all deductions will be handled at source. Our system can deal with both employee and employers’ deductions in compliance with revenue.

Rapid Data Migration

Data migration is easily done using the built-in data transference tool. Migrating data from your old system or from a spreadsheet is much less time consuming than manually inputting data. Switching from your current payroll system to our software or our managed payroll service can be seamlessly done with very little impact on your firm’s normal operations. 

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