UKG Pro Workforce Management™

Strategic Workforce Planning

Anticipate, assess and bridge the gaps between your frontline workforce and your HCM requirements for the future.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Amidst periods of change and uncertainty, it has become critical for businesses to adapt and prioritise the well-being of their employees. Beyond mere survival, excelling requires a method to foresee, evaluate and address the gaps between your present frontline workforce and requirements of your future HCM.

Choose UKG Pro Strategic Workforce Planning

In a competitive labor market coupled with an uncertain economy, businesses within the retail, food service, and hospitality sectors must empower their workforce like never before.

Surviving and thriving demands more than mere reaction – it necessitates the ability to anticipate, analyze, and bridge the gaps between your current frontline workforce and the future demands of your human capital.

Dive into this replay of our webinar to explore the latest addition to our lineup, UKG Strategic Workforce Planning. Witness how it provides an extended foresight into your upcoming staffing and operational prerequisites, allowing you to approach your personnel strategy with a more strategic mindset.


With UKG Strategic Workforce Planning, you can:

  • Accurately compute your long-term workload and team capacity over weeks, months, and even years.
  • Attain real-time insights and track progress via robust labor analytics and reporting.
  • Anticipate and strategize for future needs through intelligent "what if" scenario planning.
  • Identify the ideal staffing levels, skills mix, and recruitment possibilities.

Workload Budgeting

Develop a comprehensive, activity-oriented labour framework by incorporating customised workforce norms and demand determinants. Perform swift and simple calculations utilising your distinctive data and a framework of logical rules. Harness the potential of your workforce framework by aligning it with company budgets to detect gaps and react with assurance.

Workforce Analytics

Fully customisable and configurable dashboards and reporting based on your unique needs and interests. Easily toggle, roll-up or drill down based on organisational hierarchy and timeframe. Track progress towards your KPIs and other metrics with the ability to input additional data sets.

What-if Scenarios

Attain complete command over your operations by swiftly defining, computing, and evaluating various business scenarios. Comprehend the business consequences or return on investment using integrated analytics. Foster collaboration across Operations, Finance, and HR, facilitating result examination, feedback, and the publication of revisions.

Capacity Planning

Identify the ideal staffing quantities, skill blends, and recruitment possibilities to cultivate and enhance your most valuable asset - your workforce.

Total WFM Solution

Operations in Real Time

Record and monitor work hours on the day.


Plan and forecast for optimal scheduling in the near future.

Medium to Long-Term

Strategically plan and manage workforce and capacity needs over extended periods, including months, quarters, and years.


Providing a comprehensive UKG Pro Workforce Management suite that encompasses both intelligent short-term forecasting and long-term workforce planning tools within a single, robust platform.

Key Benefits

Optimised Staffing
By accurately calculating long-term workload and team capacity, organisations can ensure they have the right number of employees with the right skills at the right time.

Improved Efficiency
The ability to run "what if" scenarios helps organisations identify potential challenges and opportunities.

Enhanced Insights
Robust workforce analytics and reporting provide real-time insights into workforce performance and productivity.

Enables collaboration between different departments, such as Operations, Finance, and HR.

Optimized Workforce Costs
Organisations can manage labour costs more effectively, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.

Talent Development
Identify skills gaps and opportunities for hiring.

Long-Term Strategy
Strategic workforce planning provides a longer-term view into future staffing and business needs.

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