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Employee Scheduling

Simplify your scheduling processes with accurate and intuitive solutions that are built for your business

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling solutions strike the perfect balance between meeting your people’s life-work needs and ensuring compliance and safety standards are adhered to. With our system, you can effectively manage both aspects, benefiting both your employees and your business.

Eliminate scheduling guesswork and achieve the following benefits

  • Decrease labour costs by aligning staff coverage with fluctuating demands, avoiding overstaffing and unexpected overtime expenses.
  • Maintain compliance effortlessly with automated schedule generation that enforces your organisation's policies, labour laws, and union regulations.
  • Ensure employees possess the necessary skills and certifications for their roles.
  • Empower employees with convenient self-service capabilities accessible on any device, from any location.


The Right Choice

Choose UKG Pro Workforce Management for Employee Scheduling and pave the way for success by leveraging an intelligent, data-driven solutions. With UKG, you can make informed decisions to not only efficiently staff your business but also ensure that you have the right individuals in the appropriate roles, benefiting both your people and your organisation.

Streamline Employee Scheduling

Effortlessly communicate schedules, mitigate compliance and safety risks, and promote fairness and transparency in scheduling. Experience enhanced productivity, improved employee engagement, and effective control over labour costs.

Empower Your Workforce

Through the ease and accessibility of an employee scheduling app, your employees gain the power to effortlessly view schedules, set preferences, manage availability, swap shifts, request coverage, and stay informed about any schedule changes and much more.

Enable Intelligent Staffing Decisions

Enforce policies equally, swiftly, and fairly to mitigate compliance risks. Utilise flexible and powerful tools that adapt to your unique rules and workflows, ensuring consistent and accurate enforcement of policies across your entire organisation.

Whats Included

With UKG Pro Workforce Management intelligent employee scheduling tools, you gain the ability to create flexible schedules for your workforce, effectively manage compliance and safety risks, and align talented individuals to efficiently accomplish tasks.

Flexible Scheduling

Create dynamic schedules to ensure the perfect match of individuals to tasks at the optimal time.

Enhanced Staffing Insight

Obtain clear visibility into schedules and guarantee that individuals possessing the right skills or certifications are assigned to crucial shifts.

AI-Driven Efficiency

Leverage the capabilities of advanced AI and machine learning for round-the-clock work scheduling and forecasting, guiding your workforce toward decisions that benefit both the employees and the business.

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