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Absence Management

Assist your employees with accurate and easily accessible leave options while minimising the risk of non-compliance

Absence Management

Employee absenteeism can be difficult to forecast, but UKG Pro Absence offers the insights necessary to reduce expenses, uphold productivity, and mitigate the potential for non-compliance. The impact of absenteeism on costs and productivity can be managed effectively through the implementation of UKG Pro Workforce Management.

Why choose UKG Pro Absence?

Embrace HR solutions that prioritise people-centric business strategies, recognising individuals as more than just their work roles.

UKG Pro Absence solution simplifies the process and reduces administrative burden, labour costs, and compliance risks associated with managing leave-of-absence requests and eligibility.

Proactive Indicators

Enhance productivity and preempt burnout by establishing proactive indicators that standardise the management and enforcement of leave policies.

Acknowledge & Incentivise

Automatically initiate rewards or corrective measures to ensure attendance management remains equitable and consistently implemented throughout the organisation.

Transparent Analytics

Precisely gauge the expenses linked to absenteeism and comprehend pivotal influencers via reporting functionalities, delivering comprehensive transparency into attendance and leave information.


Through its seamless integration with UKG Ready Time, our leave solution streamlines the process and minimises the administrative burden, labour costs, and compliance risks linked to handling leave-of-absence requests and eligibility.

Included features

Leave Functionality
  • Generate leave-related documents instantly.
  • Automatically oversee, handle, and compute accruals.
  • Monitor both paid and unpaid time simultaneously.
  • Easily configurable, rule-based procedures.


Attendance Capabilities
  • Customise Attendance Policies.
  • Auto Notifications. Document Creation.
  • Automated Policy Application.
  • Audit Trail Generation.


Accrual Features
  • Central Access Point.
  • Complete Integration.
  • Enable employees use accrued time off.

Key Benefits for Managers

  • Gain immediate, unrestricted access to the information and resources essential for proactive personnel management.
  • Pre-built reports offer comprehensive oversight of attendance and leave information.
  • Efficiently monitor time and administer policies through a unified automated system, ensuring readiness for audits.
  • Receive automated suggestions to assist in the decision-making process for approving time-off requests.

Key Benefits for Employees

  • Initiate leave requests and create leave cases independently.
  • Revise approved periods within 72 hours of signing off.
  • Access and modify leave cases using a mobile device.
  • Adjust leave details and insert additional leave time directly within the schedule.

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