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Time and Attendance Compliance

Empower you staff with accurate and easily accessible time and attendance solutions and minimise the risk of noncompliance

Time and Attendance Compliance

Ensuring compliance demands a proactive approach to swiftly adapt to evolving laws. Our focus is on minimising risk by promoting flexibility, automating processes, and anticipating emerging trends before they unfold.

Choose UKG for Compliance

Transform Regulations into Competitive Advantages, Empowering Your Entire Workforce.

Navigating through complex and ever-changing legislation can be challenging, but with UKG Pro Workforce Management, you can rest assured. Our system is automatically updated, effectively eliminating any risk of non-compliance for your organisation.

Optimise Compliance Procedures

Incorporate the necessary pay, time, and HR regulatory standards into automated rules and calculations managed by your solution, thereby minimising manual work and mitigating noncompliance risks.

Stay Current with Latest Standards

Remain agile by swiftly adopting the latest labour law changes, from local to global, with the assistance of UKG experts who consistently monitor and provide timely updates to the solution.

Forge Links with Compliance

Access the most up-to-date DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging), company culture, and employer brand best practices, all within the same platform where you manage regulatory compliance. This integration empowers you to develop more future-ready policies.

The Importance of Compliance

Failure to comply with time and attendance regulations may lead to organisations facing legal penalties, fines, and reputational damage. Your organisation must guarantee precise tracking and recording of employee working hours, breaks, leaves, and all other time-related data, following working time directive, industry regulations, and company policies.

Key Benefits

  • Minimise administrative errors.
  • Reduce costly legal disputes and penalties.
  • Ensure compliance for employees with different pay structures, including union employees, part time or seasonal employees and salaried employees
  • Can be tailored to meet an organisation’s specific network and workforce needs.
  • Automatic updates ensure organisations comply fully with current legislation.
  • Easily manage human resources, time and labour, leave management, scheduling and job costing for employees in different locations and worksites.

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