Payroll For Education

Integrating and connecting with other software and systems is fundamental within Quantum Payroll, allowing users maximum flexibility and seamless transition across their organisation.

Meeting the needs of Education

Managed payroll and software for the education sector can come in many forms but not all solutions offer the same versatility and functionality that Snow Technology’s payroll does.

Our payroll services will reduce pressure on admin and bursary officers whether they are using quantum software or our managed payroll service.

Payroll Features

Improve Administrative Efficiency

When using a managed payroll or opting for quantum payroll to pay staff within the education sector, the process will be handled by our dedicated team of payroll professionals or our reliable software option if required. Opting for the managed payroll solution will mean you require fewer resources to process weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll runs. Choosing the in-house software option will allow a more efficient and accurate payroll process for your team.

Enjoy Greater Accuracy

Quantum payroll is a reliable solution that will improve accuracy of salary payments.

Tax deductions, pensions, overtime and change of work shifts and patterns are easily calculated accurately and processed using quantum payroll.

Lower Staffing Costs

Choosing our managed payroll service can reduce costs significantly as admin staff will be able to concentrate on other tasks outside of payroll.

There will be no need for training with the managed payroll option as we handle all aspects of your monthly or weekly payroll. Choosing quantum software to run in house will also generate savings through time and efficiency.

Skilled Payroll Professionals 

Choosing our managed payroll bureau team as a solution offers the peace of mind that all our operatives are fully trained and certified professionals. Payslips and pay summaries can be produced for teaching and support staff automatically. If you opt for the in-house payroll software option, you can be safe in the knowledge that payroll will be processed accurately and on time and supported by our highly experience customer support team. You can be safe in the knowledge that your employees are being paid accurately and on time.


Whether you use our managed payroll service or our payroll software, compliance is crucial. With our managed payroll bureau, all compliance is looked after by our team of skilled payroll professionals.

At Snow, we ensure Revenue receive all relevant PAYE and everything related, as well as making sure that data privacy regulations are met in full.

Customisable Report Functions

There are various reporting functions available with quantum software and our managed bureau service. Gaining an understanding of staff costing per department is crucial as there are many staff types working within different roles within education. Reports can be generated, tailored and adjusted to suit your output needs.

Managed Access

Employee records can be accessed by providing access rights to employees that need access. Restrictions can also be set. Employee data, including sensitive personal financial information – will only be viewable by authorised personnel.

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