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Time and Attendance Analytics

Obtain valuable and actionable insights into your workforce, empowering you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Time and Attendance Analytics

UKG Pro Workforce Management Analytics offers instant insights to frontline and operational managers, empowering them to make informed labour decisions backed by data. Seamlessly identify, manage, and improve workforce cost savings and productivity. Leverage KPIs, metrics, and predefined thresholds to ensure ongoing real-time alignment with your business goals.

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Explore the myriad ways in which UKG Pro Workforce Management Analytics contributes to a favourable influence on your organisation's people and operations.

UKG Pro Analytics:

Enhance efficiency with on-demand reporting, streamlining data accessibility. Manage labour expenses through Dataviews, granting immediate access to operational data in real time.

Mitigate non-compliance risks by delving deeper to pinpoint the origins of issues.

Tackle significant workforce issues like overtime and turnover with ready-to-use data science solutions utilising machine learning.

Offer a view into your organisation's alignment with business goals and targets through real-time KPIs, furnishing valuable insights.

Personalised Business Metrics

Equipped with personalised KPIs, metrics, and thresholds, your managers can seamlessly synchronize with business objectives in real time. This enables confident, informed and influential workforce decisions, effectively reducing workforce expenses while optimising productivity.

Comprehensive Reporting

Accurate workforce management reports thoroughly explore your business, offering timely overviews that enhance your readiness for the future.

Leverage Big Data for Large Businesses

Strategically navigate through extensive data reserves, analysing them based on your specific requirements, and employing your preferred business intelligence tools.

Key Features of Analytics

  • Seamlessly integrated into the UKG Pro D5 platform.
  • Provides real-time data and reporting.
  • Offers almost 150 KPIs and metrics pre-configured.
  • Empowers users to create and customize KPIs with KPI Builder.
  • Dashboard tiles on the home page are easily configurable.
  • Mobile-friendly for easy access on the go.

Key Benefits

For frontline and operational managers

  • Utilise KPIs, metrics, and thresholds for effortless alignment.
    Gain immediate access to insights and tools for proactive people management.

    • Access on-demand workforce performance insights to maintain aligned results.

    • Swiftly Address Challenging Patterns.

    • Detect concerning trends in a timely manner to implement corrective measures.

    • Identify underlying causes of performance, productivity, and behavior challenges.

    • Drive Ongoing Enhancement.

    • Foster continuous improvement by managing against organisation-specific or best practice KPIs.

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