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Highly Customisable Payroll. Affordable & Easy to Use.

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Quantum Enterprise Payroll is highly customisable, easy to use, cost effective and can vastly reduce human error in payroll processes. Reduce the unnecessary hours spent calculating employee hours, wages, bonus payments and tax withholdings.

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Using the latest technology, Quantum Enterprise is a powerful payroll system designed and developed by our specialist team at Snow Technology who have been writing Ireland’s most popular payroll systems since 1982. Our Payroll Software is intuitive with tools designed to minimise error and maximise data output.

Quantum Enterprise is designed to help keep your business compliant including automatically calculating and submitting payroll taxes. The system can be fully customised to your team’s requirements, providing an individual solution built for you.

How Quantum Enterprise can help your organisation:

Reduce Errors

Human errors are difficult to avoid when using a manual payroll processing system. Payroll software reduces these errors dramatically and helps keep your business compliant.

Save Time

With Quantum Enterprise you don’t have to worry about time-consuming processes. Quantum software helps speed up many functions and payroll processes with its vast array of automated features.


Payroll software will save you money over a short period of time, by reducing the amount of work you perform manually. By spending less time processing payroll, it frees up your time to perform other important tasks crucial to your business.


Paying employees can be a complicated and time consuming task. With Quantum payroll, employees are paid accurately and on time. building employee trust and confidence.


Quantum Enterprise helps you remain compliant with all aspects of payroll obligations and process and Revenue requirements in Ireland. Our software is regularly updated with compliance in mind.


Quantum Payroll integrates with many financial and business tools. Integrating with payroll enables you to keep track of the information you need to successfully manage your employees and run your business.

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Quantum Enterprise is Snow Technology's latest version of their Irish Payroll Software System using a SQL database designed specifically for SME and the Corporate Sector.
Designed specifically to suit all present and future Irish payroll requirements regardless of size or complexity, Quantum Enterprise complies fully with the requirements laid down by Revenue for tax calculations and communication.
It’s the ideal choice for growing companies that need a stand-alone payroll system or for those companies that wish to have a payroll system that can integrate with Human Resource, Financial and Time and attendance systems.
Payroll is a critical business application therefore when you need proven experience coupled with service continuity via our support team you choose Quantum Enterprise Payroll Software.
Quantum Enterprise Payroll is the payroll software of choice for a broad spectrum of businesses of all sizes and industry sectors.


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