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Managed Payroll Services - Take the stress out of paydays

Concentrate on growing your business while we manage your Payroll Services.

Quantum Bureau will reduce pressure on your admin by managing all your payroll processes. Payroll is at the centre of every business in Ireland. Quantum Bureau managed payroll enables your organisation to remain revenue compliant while paying employees accurately and on time, always giving you peace of mind.

Many organisations struggle with the complex processing functions of payroll. With legislation changes and the demands placed on employers from Revenue, businesses throughout Ireland are looking for an outsourced payroll solution.

How Quantum Bureau can help your organisation:

Drive cost efficiency

Managing your own payroll in-house can be very time-consuming and less efficient for your business. Outsourcing to Quantum Bureau service is cost effective, compliant with revenue and a more secure way of paying employees.

Improve payroll accuracy

Paying employees on time and accurately is an important responsibility for any business, to keep employees happy within their jobs. Our Payroll Specialists help maintain accurate payroll processes.

Manage risk and compliance

Payroll compliance is an important factor for any employer. With Quantum Bureau you can be assured that we manage risk and always stay compliant avoiding penalties.

No payroll software costs

You don’t have to worry about the extra cost of paying for Payroll Software. You don’t have to worry about searching for software that works in your business. We use the award winning Quantum Enterprise Payroll for all our bureau clients.

Not sure how to use Payroll Software? Not familiar with the processes involved in running payroll. With Quantum Bureau there is no need for training as we will manage all your payroll functions giving you time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Skilled payroll professionals

All of Quantum Bureau operatives specialise in payroll processes. They are IPass certified and have all the essential experience and information needed to work in a payroll environment. Your payroll is always handled by a qualified professional.

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Payroll Bureau Software is a way to manage the entire cycle of payroll operations from start to finish. Snow Technology offers the full cycle of payroll management to our clients.
Payroll Outsourcing is when you hire a third party like Snow Technology to manage all your payroll requirements from processing the payroll to revenue submissions & sending payslips.
There are many pros to outsourcing your payroll such as saving time and reducing costs. The payroll function is still processed during annual leave, illness and maternity leave reducing the need for internal cover. Also, you don’t have to worry about costs associated with licensing.
You can outsource your payroll at any time of the year. If a client is overwhelmed with the day-to-day processing of a payroll or simply do not have the time or not enough work for one employee to do the payroll.
The client would send over their main payroll set up information. We would build the payroll with them and then parallel against their old payroll. Once they are happy, they then send over their variable changes per period and we send back the reports to the client.
Pricing mainly depends on the size of your payroll, number of transactions e.g. weekly /monthly & any additional services they might need e.g. Banking /Revenue
Basically, a managed Payroll is when a client sends their payroll information and we then process the documentation, deliver back the reports and deal with any queries within the allotted timeframe.


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