5 Ways Our Time and Attendance Software Could Help Save Money for Your Cleaning Company

5 Ways Our Time and Attendance Software Could Help Save Money for Your Cleaning Company

Monitoring employee timekeeping and attendance was once a long, tedious process that was difficult to keep track of and some could easily avoid. With modern technology there is the potential to make this easier – if you know how. For some, without the right guidance or software at their disposal, the process may still be as arduous as it once was. But by using the right cloud-based monitoring software, complicated operational systems can now be streamlined to help your business succeed.

The days when processing payroll depended upon paper timesheets and complicated spreadsheets no longer have to be the case; now employers can utilise digital software to keep track of hours worked and ensure staff are correctly paid on time. The benefits of this in terms of cutting down on manual labour are clear – by extension this saves not only time but money in the long run. With greater cost control, you’ll bolster solid financial management for your business.

Less working hours spent on payroll processing means that more can be spent on the things that really matter for pushing your business forward to achieve its goals. Consider that staffing and labour costs are typically one of the biggest areas of spend for many businesses. With superior prior planning, scheduling, and wage calculations in place, you can always stay one step ahead in terms of accuracy and business management.

In addition to this, improved time and attendance monitoring can help improve employees’ overall efficiency by quickly revealing where their strengths and weaknesses may lie. For cleaning companies that boast a large workforce which may otherwise be difficult to keep track of, this quality control and resulting extra efficiency can be especially important.

Here are 5 ways we can help with this:

1. Digital onboarding for staff The Covid pandemic reinforced a need for businesses to be prepared for digital onboarding for new staff when physical administration for this purpose may not be feasible. In our case, digital onboarding is not only feasible, but preferred; in many ways it can work far more efficiently than the old-fashioned alternative.

With our time and attendance software, you’ll have immediate clear visibility of all new staff, allowing you to easily monitor and communicate with them directly. Health and safety regulations are satisfied this way, while managers will find it is a more efficient way to manage their time than having to arrange and conduct unnecessary face to face meetings with all new staff. The hiring, training and deployment process will be more streamlined and simpler than ever, with new hires getting straight to work in no time at all.

2. Real time schedulingDigital workforce management allows greater flexibility for the employee as well. Remote logging in and out time is easily recorded via cloud-based software using mobile devices, so their attendance won’t be doubted or questioned regardless of where they are for a shift.

For a dispersed workforce – as is likely the case for a cleaning company – this is especially helpful for gathering information across numerous locations at once. The information can then be used to arrange scheduling in real time while attendance, date and shift duration are all recorded. Individual performance issues can then also be more quickly monitored and addressed this way. With better information gathering and a faster response time on your part, less hard-working employees are unlikely to get away with this for an extended period of time before it is noticed later.

3. Automated timesheet approval Naturally, it then follows that timesheets are approved with ease as attendance and shift durations, among other elements, are readily available for fast processing. From job scheduling to performance records to updating HR records digitally, payroll also becomes a simple automated process.

This once had to be a long manual process done by backroom staff at the cost of productivity in other areas, but automated software eliminates the need for that and cuts out the possibility of human error at the same time. The financial benefit is therefore (at least) twofold, ultimately saving both time and the potential of wasted productivity in correcting errors.

4. Cutting out timesheet fraud Manual paper-based timesheets face another potential issue in being susceptible to those who may try and enter incorrect information for their records. Paying for falsely inflated hours worked would mean an overpayment for your business, accompanied by the issue of repeated offences if one figured they could get away with it.

This wouldn’t be possible with technology that can verify attendance in real time, cutting out the potential for fraudulent activity. Though perhaps previously unseen, elimination of such glaring timesheet errors could hugely boost savings for your business thanks to superior accurate payroll processing.

5. Administration hours highly reduced Greater reliance on digital processing doesn’t negate the need for human administration, but it does release your team to focus better on other areas in which they’re really needed.

Whereas previously manual compiling and processing of physical data such as clocking in/out timecards may have been required before even putting it to use, now this can become a highly streamlined process. The accurate data can be collated and visible immediately across your organisation for human interpretation at a much faster speed. If any areas of concern are then identified, this can also be done and resolved quickly.

These are just a few of the core reasons to consider investing in our state-of-the-art automated time and attendance software. By cutting down on back-end manual labour, reducing potential fraud, and giving employees the initiative to record their shifts in real time, it can greatly boost the overall working efficiency of your cleaning company.

If saving time and money is your goal, as is the case for many successful businesses, utilising superior time and attendance software is a great way to do exactly that.

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