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Our first Free Quantum Web overview Webinar of 2024 will be held on March 14th @9:30am

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What is Quantum Web

Quantum Web is a browser accessible program available for those on Quantum Enterprise, which will redefine the payroll User’s Experience by enabling users to process their payroll anywhere, anytime and on any device. With enhanced navigating options users can design a quick view for employees and decide what employee fields they want to view at a glance, such as dept/cost code/payment type or employee status.

Fully Web-Based

Quantum Web allows business owners to access their payroll information from wherever they are, allowing payroll professionals to respond faster to employee requests and to get their own work done faster.

Enhanced Security

Web apps can be more secure than desktop apps since they are hosted in the cloud and are subject to stricter security protocols, SSL encryption, and access controls. Quantum Web can use SSL/TLS encryption to secure data in transit, which reduces the risk of data interception or theft.

Latest Innovation

Empowering businesses to be faster and more efficient, Quantum Web enables efficiency in today’s fast-paced mobile, interconnected, and data-dependent world. We have harnessed the very latest technology to bring you best in class payroll software functionality.

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