Payroll Software For Your Bureau Service

Highly Configuarble Payroll Software for Accountants.

Highly Configurable Payroll Software to help you run a successful bureau service.

Searching for a reliable payroll software for your bureau service? Our Payroll software is an ideal addition to for all payroll bureax managed by accountants. Quantum Software will meet your customer’s payroll obligations, comply with government regulations and save you and your team time processing payroll.

The Benefits of Quantum Payroll Software for your Bureau.

Bureau Portal

We provide a Bureau Portal facility for your Client’s employees to access pay slips and provide client reporting through a secure portal.


Quantum has a report writer, gross to net summary (in Excel) and payroll journal reports and a business Intelligence reporting tool which can report layouts and presentations. We can also create bespoke reports as per requirements using our in house development team.


Integrate with third party databases using our API Q Script. Q-Script is Scripting tool based on VBA and VBScript that allows a user to write external data into the payroll database.

Nominal Ledger

This Module allows the user to take data from the costing area within Quantum Payroll and apply Nominal Coding to the elements to create a Payroll Journal.  

Split Level Costing

With Quantum Payroll you can break down Employee level costing over multiple departments & cost centres.  This information can also be imported in from your time & attendance files.

Supporting Your Software

Support issues are not triaged – you do not have to log calls, you will speak to a payroll support executive immediately. 

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