End of Year Seminars 2023

Our End of Year Seminars will be held in November on the following dates:

November 10th(Sold Out), 13th(Sold Out), 16th(Sold Out), 17th(Sold Out) & 24th from 09:30 – 12:45

 €345 for 1st attendee, additional places €275, prices are exempt of VAT

Seminars will be delivered via Zoom

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What you will Learn

Part I

Quantum EOY Seminar; including mandatory ERR Session for Jan 1st ‘24.

We will provide expert and insightful advice on how these changes will impact your payroll. Details will include End of Year 2023 and Start of Year 2024 processes.

  • Payroll Budget 2024
    • PAYE / USC and PRSI updates
    • BIK Company Vehicle details
    • Revenue E-Briefs and updates
  • Revenue’s Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR) & Quantum Payroll
    • Revenue’s new rules and regulations
    • Quantum’s new screens and features
    • Mandatory practical session on how to operate ERR from 1st January 2024
    • Learn to develop new standard operating procedures for expenses & small benefits  
  • Updated legislation
    • New Minimum Wage 2024 (Living wage 2026??)
    • Flexible and/or Remote working
    • Family Rights – Leave for victims of domestic violence, carers / parents.
    • Statutory Employer Sick Pay Schemes (updated for 2024 and beyond)
    • Auto Enrolment for Pensions (new target implementation date of Q3 2024)

New Product Developments

  • Quantum Enterprise
    • Free upgrade form Quantum Standard
    • SQL developed application
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Multiple Payroll Submissions
    • Multiple Supplementary runs

Payroll Actions / Revenue Requirements

Here we will outline the Revenue approach to various issues and how best to process these in Quantum.

  • BIK changes & amendments
  • Quantum Payroll Enhancements & New Features
  • Reporting requirements / adjustments
  • Setup within Quantum to ensure Compliance
  • Question and answers

Part II

End of year 2023

  • 2023 EOY update
  • Processing Tax Year End
  • Reconciliation for 2023
    • Tax Year
    • Annual Leave / Holiday Year
    • Financial / Cost Year
  • Employment Detail Summary (EDS/P60)
  • Amendments for 2023
  • Filing Dates

Commencement of 2024

  • Create 2024 Payrolls
  • Catering for 2024 legislative changes
  • Outlining new fields, what information they contain.
  • Question and answers

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